Research & Development on water 

Turning raw water into living water 

Copper chloride crystallography
This method shows the various energy radiation
between non-treated water and treated water with a center that outwardly grows



Mæka Water


Mæka Water
Bio-dynamised water with
light & sound re-information


Water is placed in a cup of copper chloride which stays in an oven at 40°c for 15 hours

The heart & soul of
Mæka water treatment


Our state-of-the-art filtration removes impurities, odours, viruses, bacteria, and chemicals. Please see the testing report made by external official laboratory, click here

We combine a mix of filtration processes to ensure the finest purity of water according to your water source:

A sediment filtration performs as a microfiltration. It removes the physical particles suspended in water as well as some micro-organisms no bigger than 5 microns in size.

A filtration with activated carbon acts as a remarkable catalyst. It retains some of the pollutants by adsorption including non-organic materials, chlorine, hydrocarbons, pesticides and heavy metals.

Two options according to your water source and ecological sensitivity:

When the water source TDS is >500ppm, Reverse osmosis filtration is necessary.

An extremely fine semi porous membrane (0.0001 micron) removes bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, medical residues, salt, limestone, etc. which are rejected along with a certain proportion of the tap water. This keeps the membrane from getting clogged.


When the water source is < 500ppm: ultrafiltration technology is preferred.

With its filtration fineness up to 0.01um, the ultrafiltration technology holds a remarkably high adsorption capacity for chemical contaminants and removes more than 99% of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

Environmentally friendly: the ultrafiltration generates 0% water wastage.

Re-energising water with Bio-dynamisation ® 

Our unique patented Bio-dynamisation® treatment restructures and dynamises water.

Unknown to most, once the water has been purified, it has lost its pristine structure and vitality. This is a result of the heavy cleaning treatments it had to go through.

The Fontaine Melodia is able to restructure and revitalise water to its original coherence using a process that infuses the water with specific electromagnetic waves made up of both the Earth’s frequencies and high frequencies, which transmit subtle energies to the water, restoring its living properties.

It re-dynamises and restructures the fields which constitute the water molecule made of the Bipole oxygen & hydrogen and their interconnections (hydrogen bonds).

Two electrodes made of a specific-grade mix of silver & copper continuously transmit this electromagnetic field into the purified water of the Fontaine Mélodia.

This intricately crafted process creates coherent harmonious state of bio-compatible water that not only hydrates human cells to their optimum capacity but also strengthens the immune system over the long term.

Once the water has attained this specific quality, it has recovered its coherence and is ready for the next stages of the treatment.

Re-enforcing with
copper, silver, gold

Bio-dynamised water has an enhanced capacity to absorb trace elements. Our patented treatment directly supplements the water with essential trace elements that are vital for optimal body functions. In an ionic nascent state, trace minerals become immediately assimilable by our body.

These trace elements associated to the bio-dynamisation® process balance the physio-chemical properties (such as PH, RH2, resistivity, power quantification) into an ideal composition for the human body.

A specific mix of silver and copper blend is the standard option with gold as an option.

Copper holds antiviral and antibacterial properties and silver is bactericide. Gold has been used in Indian royal ayurvedic cultures for thousands of years to boost health and improve cognitive abilities.

This specific blending stimulates the defenses, generates a natural antiviral action and helps regaining energy during recovery.

It also ensures a long-lasting quality and prevents bacterial recontamination of the treated water without the need for chlorine or any other additional chemical purification.

Re-informing water
with Light & Sound

Our Light & Sound® re-information patented process is inspired by Nature.

In its natural state, water responds to the vibratory resonances of sunlight and sound which are two major carriers of information that resonate in our living environment. To re-capture the nature’s breath of life, we infuse the water with a combination of light and low sound frequencies information, carried by far infrared beams.

This enables water to reach its peak vitality, restores and enhances the vibrational aspects that are lost in water’s usual journey from its source to our homes.

Western classical music is infused by default in the Fontaine Mélodia due to its harmonious qualities, but one can choose the music or sound that suits themselves by connecting a USB drive with mp3 file to the Fontaine Mélodia.

By the time drinking water reaches
our home, it has become lifeless

On its harsh journey from its source to our lips, the water we consume travels through pipes, gets chemically sanitized and deprived of any sunlight and minerals, thus losing its structure and rejuvenating qualities.

Water is the driving
force of all nature

Leonardo da Vinci


Sleek design
Recyclable shell
High-grade quality materials
Silky textured and light water
Great tasting

The water
that sings into
the body

You can plug in your USB drive with mp3 file to Fontaine Mélodia and infuse the water with the music or sound that resonates with you and your family.

My children love this water. I don’t have
to push them to have water any longer.”

Prashant, Mumbai

to use

Water filtration combination
2 prefiltres: sediment & activated carbon
Water filtration combination
1 filtration according to the choosen option (reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration)
Water re-energising
Maeka Water’s patented
Trace elements supplementation
Silver-copper mix
No Plastic water tank
High-grade stainless steel water tank (SS304 Steel) with permanent infusion of Light & Sound® in the water
Light & Sound emitter
The purified and re-energised water is informed with Maeka Light & Sound® combination
Retractable tap (in/out)
Just press the small black button
Turning ON/OFF and connecting
Light ON/OFF
Turning ON/OFF and connecting
Power ON/OFF
Turning ON/OFF and connecting
USB Plug

An innovation
from auroville

Maeka is a new brand launched by Aqua Dyn, a Research and Development Center composed of international professionals who consider water to be a living entity and not just another substance.It is based based in Auroville, the universal city for human unity, in India.

Auroville was inspired by the spiritual visionary Sri Aurobindo and manifested, in 1968, by his spiritual partner Mira Alfassa known as the Mother. Since then, people have come from all over the world to participate in this human laboratory striving towards peace and progressive harmony.
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