Experience the
aliveness of water

water knows...

By the time water reaches our homes, it has been mistreated by the many pipes, pollutants, invasive cleaning and chlorination processes. Water reaches us deprived of its natural rejuvenating qualities. It becomes harder to assimilate by the body. 

Mæka treatment brings back to our drinking water its purity, energy, light and sound, and restores its lost optimal natural state.

We know that all waters, whether from a river in the mountains or a puddle contains a memory. A vibrational information that once consumed becomes a part of us, influences us. Mæka water curators take advantage of this long-forgotten secret and re-establish exquisite water that tastes better, nourishes and hydrates profoundly on a cellular level.

Restoring the pure living properties of
water with Bio-dynamisation®, Light & Sound®





bio-dynamised® water with Light & Sound®


Bio-compatible water’s
regenerative abilities

The heart & soul combination of
Mæka water’s treatment

Our state-of-the-art mix of
filtration processes removes
all impurities, odours, viruses,
bacteria, and chemicals.

Our patented treatment is inspired by nature, ancient
traditions and science. We use electromagnetic energy
vibrations, known as high frequencies and Earth frequencies, to re-dynamise and restore the pristine structure of water making water Bio-compatible and easily assimilated by the human body.

Our Light & Sound® re-information patented process
re-captures the natural breath of life by informing water with the elements of sunlight and sound taking it to a new height of vibration and energy. We infuse water with a combination of light and low sound frequencies carried by infrared beams.