Restoring the living & revitalising
natural properties of water



Mæka Water


Mæka Water
Bio-dynamised water with
light & sound re-information


Bio-compatible water’s
regenerative abilities

The heart & soul of
Mæka treatment


State-of-the-art mix of filtration processes which removes all impurities, odours, viruses, bacteria, and chemicals, turning water into pure drinking water.

Bio-Dynamisation® restoring the
structure of water

A patented technology inspired by nature, ancient traditions and science that uses electromagnetic energy vibrations to re-energise and restore the original structure of water.

Re-enforcing with copper, silver, gold

Mæka treatment supplements water with essential trace elements for optimal body functions.

Enhancing with Light & Sound® vibrations

A patented technology that infuses Mæka treated water with a combination of light and low sound frequencies carried by infrared beams.

My children love this water. I don’t have
to push them to have water any longer.”

Prashant, Mumbai

An innovation
from Auroville

Maeka is a new brand launched by Aqua Dyn, a Research and Development Center composed of international professionals who consider water to be a living entity and not just another substance.It is based based in Auroville, the universal city for human unity, in India.

Auroville was inspired by the spiritual visionary Sri Aurobindo and manifested, in 1968, by his spiritual partner Mira Alfassa known as the Mother.

Since then, people have come from all over the world to participate in this human laboratory striving towards peace and progressive harmony.

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