About Mæka 

Constant explorers towards the original intelligence of water 

Maeka has been newly created by Aqua Dyn, a Research and Development center on water based in Auroville, the universal city for human unity, in India. In cooperation with an international team of talented individuals, Aqua Dyn R&D center was founded by Bhagwandas, a French pioneer who joined Auroville at its early beginning in 1969, with the great support from Maurice, his long-term Auroville citizen mate. The team initiated its journey to offer the world a living drinking water that carries within itself the sacred, pristine structure and original intelligence of water.

Made with love
in Auroville

Auroville, the “city of dawn”, was inspired by the spiritual visionary Sri Aurobindo and manifested, in 1968, by his spiritual partner Mira Alfassa known as the Mother. Since then, people have come from all over the world to participate in this human laboratory that aims to create a unified and progressive humanity.

In the spirit of Auroville, we will:
Honour the sacredness of water
by recognising it as an eternal source
of life, of healing and intelligence
and by conserving and protecting all water
as our sacred inheritance.

Embrace unity in diversity
by using water as an opportunity
to unite and collaborate within
and beyond our boundaries;
welcoming diverse, sustainable
approaches to nurture our land
and to sustain all life.

Create a water conscious society
by integrating local and global
wisdom and acting boldly with
openness toward new possibilities.

Auroville Water Vision
Citizens’ Assembly 2021

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