Warranty Conditions 

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•This appliance is warranted for a period of one year from the date of original purchase.
•The warranty is not transferable.
•Manufacturing warranty includes defects in material and workmanship of the appliance.
•It does not cover external accessories such as cable, valve, any consumable like filters, etc…
•Repair charges of products that are out of warranty shall be quoted separately by your authorised supplier / service centre.
•Warranty applies when the product is used under normal conditions and for its intended purpose.
•Warranty applies in the country where the product has been purchased, within the authorized service network coverage.
•The invoice must be provided along in case of appliance returned for warranty.
Goods damaged during the transit voids the appliance’s warranty.
•The liability for claim shall not exceed the cost of the product itself.
•The warranty does not include normal wear-and-tear to the components, nor any accidental damage due to falling, electrical overload, overexposure to heat, water immersion, or any other misuse; self-repair or negligence from the user.
•It also does not include wear and aging due to abnormal use or continuous forced flow for long periods of time, nor the replacement of filter elements, cartridges and membrane whose lifespan depends on the quality and quantity of treated water.
•Manufacturer warranty is also not applicable if the appliance has been tampered with or if installation, service and repairs have been carried out by unauthorised persons.
•Installation and service must be done by authorised service people only.
•Labels and serial number of the appliance shall not be removed, tampered or altered for the warranty to apply.
•Warranty also voids in case of any force majeure event such as act of God, regulation of Government, strike, or other circumstances of whatsoever nature beyond the control of the company, including the use of parts, peripherals or software which are not genuine parts of the appliance.
•The company’s obligation under this warranty shall be limited to providing replacement parts only.
•Should the entire appliance be replaced -at the sole discretion of the company, a similar model shall be provided as a replacement.
•In case of any repair or replacement of any parts of the appliance, the warranty shall remain in force only for its remaining unexpired period. The time needed for repair or replacement shall not be excluded from the remaining warranty period.
•This warranty does not cover any personal injury, illness, property damage, arising directly or indirectly from using the appliance and/or drinking the treated water, as the proper usage of the appliance from the customer cannot be guaranteed by the company.

Manufactured by:
Maeka, at Aqua Dyn, Aspiration, Auroville 605101, Tamil Nadu, India